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My 2003 covers for Captain America issues #17#18 & #19 and my 2002 Captain America #50 cover.

The 2002 cover was one of two covers I did before the 9/11 attacks that weirdly presaged the attacks. I felt quite creeped out to see when the cover came out next year that I’d presented Cap marching off to fight in response to Pearl Harbor and jets and explosions over a skyscraper.

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idk i was hella bored today and edited this video.. its like a Waynes World / Pulp Fiction mash up

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The message:

hello, follower! How are you? Great! So as I write this I am sitting in a coffee shop and I’ve just written the first page of a story.  I don’t know if it makes sense, if it’s any good, or if it’s even worth continuing. So I’m just going to post it up here and if people read it, I want to know what you think. Like, hate it, want me to keep writing, want me to please for the love of God stop, TELL ME! 

“The Five Deaths of Morrow Pleasance”

by Michael Hoffert Jr.

            The first time Morrow Pleasance died, she was only a few days old.  Her birth hadn’t been anything spectacular, had in fact been quite ordinary, “text book perfect” even, as the doctor has proclaimed.  Her mother and father, David and Melinda, respectively, had both wept with joy the first time they had held their daughter, a small thing just out of the womb, dumbly calm to the rest of the world.

            The nurses had taken her to the nursery, where she sat and slept in a small plastic crib, being fed and changed as required.  Morrow was just…there, being a baby, doing what newborns do, which is not much of anything.

            Then, one day in the midafternoon, she just stopped breathing.  The machine that monitored her was happily chirping one moment, then screeching shrilly the next.  The nursery exploded into chaos with nurses and doctors, their hands scrambling with baby-saving machines.

            Seconds stretched into a minutes, then two, then four, and finally everybody just gave up, tears in their eyes, resigning themselves to a single, sad fact: Morrow Pleasance had died.

            The nurses and doctors left the small nursery, and whoever’s responsibility it is to dispose of a dead newborn was summoned.  The room was quiet except for the small noises of the other newborns for a moment.

            Then a small gurgle came from the recently quiet crib, a gurgle that became a small cry, which became the strong cry of a healthy newborn.

            Morrow Pleasance was once again alive and well and nobody could figure out how the hell that was possible.  She had been dead one moment and alive the next.

            The doctor had just informed David and Melinda Pleasance, in fact, that their beautiful healthy baby had died when a nurse came into the hospital room and corrected him.  Needless to say, family Pleasance was more than a little upset and promised to swiftly sue the ass out of the hospital. 

            Morrow was monitored extremely closely the next several weeks, the hospital being very fond of their ass, but no answers were found, no logical explanations given for her sudden death and resurrection.  She herself hadn’t seemed to notice, and just went along dumbly being a newborn baby.

            Well, okay, that’s not entirely true.  Morrow ate twice as much as the other newborns, her reflexes developed twice as quickly, and she suddenly became very aware of what was going on around her, a sparkle in her eye that hadn’t been there before.

            And, of course, the birthmark, although whether or not you can call a birthmark a birthmark when it isn’t present at birth but after a death and resurrection, I do not know.

            Things settled down, the Pleasances forgot all about suing the ass off of the hospital, and left with a happy little girl in tow.

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Joker's gun
Batman (1989)
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by Chris Samnee

Thorsday 2014.01.23

Thor the Mighty Avenger character designs from 2010. tbt

My Boyfriend Thor!!!

Chris Samnee is fucking brilliant

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Gotham City panoramic view. Look at the image full size! It’s a lot more bigger!

for me, this will always be Gotham.


Gotham City panoramic view. Look at the image full size! It’s a lot more bigger!

for me, this will always be Gotham.

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It’s dignity! Gah! Don’t you even know dignity when you see it?


It’s dignity! Gah! Don’t you even know dignity when you see it?

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Earl Tubb is my spirit animal.
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Darwyn Cooke’s December DC Variant Covers

So perfect!


these covers are better than anything DC has published in the last three years

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